The best of Montréal, according to Maripier and Brandon

Our two ambassadors are always on top of what’s happening in and around Montréal. You’ll often see them at a new restaurant or boutique opening. Maripier and Brandon definitely share a common love for the city; that’s why they were very excited to tell us about their favourite hot spots!


It’s no secret: Maripier and Brandon are fashion icons! With all the parties they attend, they have developed close ties with many designers. What’s more: the couple makes a point of promoting local fashion.


“I like this young designer’s edgy street style. His designs also have a pop-star side that I like. I love his designs so much that Markantoine created the party dress for my wedding.” - Maripier



"When I need a new suit, I go to Sartorialto, which specializes in high-end tailoring. The designers made the suit that I wore twice on my wedding day.” - Brandon

Photo: Sartorialto


"UNTTLD embodies elegance. José Manuel and Simon, the duo behind the brand, have my complete trust. They created my outfits for the last three editions of the Canadian Arts & Fashion Awards Artis Gala in 2018."- Maripier

Photo: UNTTLD SS19 on Instagram @maripiermorin


"I love this Montréal brand’s coats! I have different ones in my wardrobe—and each one fits me perfectly." - Brandon

Photo: Mackage

Denis Gagnon

"I admire the consistency shown by this pioneer of Québec fashion. Over time, he has evolved while remaining true to his DNA. Last year, I wore a Denis Gagnon outfit for the Gémeaux gala. It was a true work of art! Denis also created the bridesmaids’ dresses for my wedding." - Maripier

Photo: Denis Gagnon on Instagram @maripiermorin

Maram Paris

"I met Maram on the final night of the Canadian Arts & Fashion Awards. I realized that I had never worn one of her creations. I love her style so much that I intend to wear more outfits!" - Maripier

Photo: Maram Paris


Whenever they have a chance, Maripier and Brandon try new places, or they revisit their favourite restaurants. Over the years, they have developed a large network of friends and acquaintances within this industry.


“In my opinion, Marconi is the best restaurant in Montréal. My favourite dish is the gnocchi plate with lemon and ricotta. This blend of flavours has a nice freshness. And the lemon pie is also worth the trip!" - Maripier

Photo: Marconi

Henri Brasserie Française

"Inside the new Birks Hotel is the Henri Brasserie Française restaurant, which is run by one of my friends. It's just like being in Paris! Everything on the menu is good and the champagne selection is unbelievable. This is the kind of place where I reserve a table to celebrate a special occasion!" - Maripier

Photo: Henri Brasserie Française


"This restaurant is located near our apartment. We always enjoy a pleasant evening there and. In my opinion, the chef is one of the best in the city." - Brandon

Photo: Bungalow

Machina Smart Bar

"I love the salads at the Machina Smart Bar. I go there mostly to stock up on snacks for my workouts. They have a very nice selection of natural products." - Maripier

Photo: Machina Smart Bar


This restaurant is located in Old Montréal and is one of my favourite places. The cocktails are among the best in the city. Plus, I love seafood! And Bremner has some of the most delicious seafood!"- Brandon

Photo: Bremner


Throughout her career as a host, including the Faites comme chez vous show, Maripier has conducted many interviews with celebrities in the music industry. She is always excited to discover new talent and share her favourites with Brandon.

Clay and Friends

"I met the members of this group as part of the Faites comme chez vous project. Their most recent album, La Musica Popular de Verdun, is amazing! Their style is very original, and I like it a lot." - Maripier

Photo: Clay and Friends

Charlotte Cardin

"Who doesn’t fall for the beautiful Charlotte? Her voice is bewitching!"- Maripier and Brandon

Photo: Charlotte Cardin

Cœur de Pirate

Coeur de Pirate sings entrancing melodies and knows how to take me to another world every time!” - Brandon

Photo: Cœur de Pirate


The couple's mission is to discover new, upcoming artists. They have a growing collection of works adorning the walls of their Montréal apartment.

Nicolas Craig

"I had a big crush on painter Nicolas Craig and his beautiful canvases made with stamps." - Maripier

Photo: Nicolas Craig

André Monet

"I really like the work of Montréal artist André Monet. He creates portraits of artists and gives them a unique touch." - Brandon

Photo: André Monet

Cedric Taillon

"Cedric Taillon’s paintings are part of my most recent discoveries. He creates very original murals." - Maripier

Photo: Instagram @cedrictaillon