New stars of Rockland!
Maripier Morin | Rockland
You're not dreaming!

The identity of our new ambassadors is officially revealed. We finally announce that Maripier Morin and Brandon Prust will be Rockland's new faces.

Their brilliance in the public eye, their inspirational talent and authentic personality, Maripier Morin and Brandon Prust reflect Rockland's ambitions and precious clientele. It is therefore an opportunity for our new ambassadors to embody the best of the city in many ways, to delight the public.

Their familiar faces inspire trust and their iconic status is highly influential. They embody a model from which everyone can draw some inspiration to infuse their own lifestyle.

Brandon Prust - Rockland
Our new ambassadors

Maripier Morin continues her meteoric ascension in the Canadian media world. Her rich and diversified career is catching the interest of a growing audience, now more than ever. Brandon has always been very active in the media landscape, joining several television projects. From Calgary to New York to Montreal, he is now part of the Rockland team!

The partnership between Rockland and this promising couple was therefore a natural association.

Maripier Morin | Rockland
Concept: The other side of the "Reflection"

An echoing reality or shimmering from a completely new point of view, reflection is a symbol of authenticity that nevertheless lends itself to the interplay of perceptions. With our new muses, the reflection acquires a new depth: at any time and at any place, they are the undisputed reflection of the best of Montreal.

Like a mirror, their achievements, their cultural or gastronomic favorites and their good taste for fashion inspire many!

It is therefore an honour for us to welcome spring of 2019 by presenting Maripier Morin and Brandon Prust as a reflection of the centre.

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