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Start Early

First of all, invest a little time in planning. That’s right! To fully take advantage of the sales, you need to plan ahead! Step one: make a list of your needs. Starting your Christmas shopping may seem obvious, and we encourage you to do so... but think beyond the holiday season. Purchasing birthday gifts for the coming months, or sprucing up your home décor, can all be done on a budget at this time of year!

To ensure you get the best savings, do a little research beforehand to determine the usual prices of the products you’re interested in, so you can compare them with the sales you’ll find. And don’t forget to check out the competition - you can never be too sure! Subscribe to your favourite retailers’ newsletters (and to ours) to get a sneak peek of their best deals. These newsletters are full of valuable information about the special promotions that will be available on November 24, or a little before! Make sure you understand the existing return policies, as well as the types of offers: 2-for-1 or discounts for the purchase of 3 copies can make all the difference in the world and make filling your Christmas stockings a breeze.

Prepare Your Budget

To avoid going broke trying to save money, budgeting will always be your best friend. Plan how much you expect to spend over the course of the day and prioritize the items on your list according to your budget. Having all this information handy will help you to resist temptation once you’re shopping. In this respect, we invite you to consider preparing a small “treat” allowance in case you fall in love with a gorgeous dress or lamp that’s on sale!

You should also consider which cards to use when making purchases to maximize your rewards points. Different cards offer more attractive programs and warranties, depending on the type of purchase you make. Find out how to best take advantage of these benefits and kill two birds with one stone.

On Black Friday Morning

Although deals are no longer limited to a single day, retailers still like to treat their customers with exclusive in-store offers. To make sure you don’t miss out, reserve your day on November 24 to visit your favourite shopping centre.

Grab a bite to eat (or plan to arrive early to explore our restaurants) and get dressed in comfortable clothes to browse the aisles and shop hassle-free. Before you set off, finalize your plan by mapping out an itinerary that will avoid a lot of back and forth or having to drag heavy items over long distances. Grab your wallet, your list, and let’s go!

For more inspiration and tips on how to save on Black Friday, drop in on our retailers and employees. They’re always ready to help!