5 original outfits to stay warm during the cold season

Are you tired of your classic winter coat that you have had for several years? Here are 5 original outfits to wear during the winter for different occasions: a hike, a romantic date, a meeting, a weekend at the chalet and a last-minute errand. Be on top of trends during the cold season while staying warm!


Who said sporty looks were synonym with boring? On the contrary, activities such as hiking are the perfect opportunities to stand out from classic winter outfits! The Corefire Down jacket by The North Face stands out with its soothing color that pairs nicely with the metallic orange of Noize mittens. As a bonus, consider a checkered scarf from Dynamite for your next outdoor outing!


When it comes to choosing what to wear for a romantic date, the cold weather can make it more difficult. The secret is to opt for a coat that's warm enough to beat the winter temperatures, but light enough to be comfortable indoors. Zara offers a suitable red woolen coat for this occasion. To achieve an hourglass figure, cinch your waist with the studded belt.


There is no need to wear a ski coat and snow boots to a meeting when you can dress smart and professional while staying warm. The Primrose boot by La Canadienne is a perfect mix between a classic leather boot and a winter boot since the latter is waterproof and has a sole with memory foam. Fashion-practical advice: Opt for a leather tote bag for a chic look!


Nothing better than a weekend at the family cottage during the holiday season! Now is the time to pull out your coziest clothes. Ranging down to -30 degrees, Noize's long Parka coat is perfect for this stay thanks to its side slits with zippers and water resistance that maximizes comfort. Let's not forget our essentials for a relaxed weekend: leggings, a pair of Ugg boots and a wool beanie.


Are you last minute shopping for your holiday gifts? Are you hosting the in-laws for dinner, and you still haven't done the grocery shopping? You need a quick, efficient look that will keep you warm during your errands. You'll love the chunky-soled booties from Ecco, because they look like a trendy sneaker while being resistant to an urban winter. Camouflage your bad hair day with a bucket hat and to make it trendy!