Be festive from head to toe!

The holiday season has finally arrived, which means you can take out your most extravagant dresses and outfits! No need to spend tons on clothing, instead we recommend re-purposing what you already have (like a little black dress) and add an extra little touch: a new accessory. Thanks to accessories, you can completely change the style of an outfit at a small cost. Here is a list of accessories to make you festive from head to toe!


Unable to get a hairdresser appointment before your Christmas dinner? No problem, it's easy to look like you walked out of the salon with the right products. If your goal is to have hair that will turn heads, Sephora Shine Mist is this season's darling as it will add shine to your hairstyle. Hair accessories are essentials if you want an effortless chic look. Our season's top 3: crystal-embellished headband, pearl-decorated hair clips and velvet scrunchies.


For those who love makeup, the holiday season is the perfect time to pull out your sparkling eye shadows. Trust renowned artist Pat McGrath, his new Celestial Odyssey eyeshadow palette is a must have. For men with beards, visit Hudson's Bay, you can indulge yourself by treating yourself to beard oil from the local brand, Province Apothecary, to achieve a smooth, groomed beard.


This year, pearl necklaces are making a big comeback so if you don't have one, browse through your grandmother's old jewelry or opt for a pearl necklace from Gio, a local boutique. For the gentlemen, is there a more chic accessory than a bow tie? You'll find different models at Ernest that will add the finishing touch to your look.


During this time of year, don't be discreet when it comes to beautifying your hands. Whether it's a watch, nail polish, ring or bracelet, have fun, choose sparkling pieces that will not go unnoticed.


An outfit will never be complete without a pair of shoes. This accessory can be a classic or a statement piece and during the holidays, we opt for the latter! Even if you end up barefoot because your pumps aren't comfortable enough for dancing, the important thing is that your outfit looks stunning when you arrive. Stylist tip: say yes to a pair of tights with crystals for an original party-style detail.