Dre Harina Thyriar - Local Optometrist

In this series, our collaborator Carolyne Brown meets the Local Talents—flagship stores in the heart of Rockland Centre. These interviews are all about sharing, sincerity, and proximity. We invite you to enter their world and discover who they are.


Let’s meet Dr. Harina Thyriar, A Top 3 Montréal Optometrist and owner of HARINA Optométristes.

How did you become an entrepreneur?

I combined my passion for medicine and inherited business sense from my family to create the clinic of my dreams. Top doctors. State-of-the-Art AI equipment. Personalized care. My vision is not purely entrepreneurial, it is a passion for bringing that something “extra” to the eye care field. That’s how HARINA Optométristes and the personalized eye care program were born.

What keeps you passionate about your field?

My passion comes from my vision for a new generation in optometry. I want you to enjoy optimal eye health and better vision while feeling and looking your best. My ability to provide on-spot diagnoses using AI-powered technology. My expert team. And, most of all, my patients who challenge me to deliver the best in premium care every day.

What is your best-kept secret?

 The next level of optometry. The power of AI eye exams.

What advice would you give to a future entrepreneur?

Go for it! Even if the road to success is full of obstacles, you will make it. It’s not easy but every day is full of rewards.

What makes your brand stand out?

My mission is to be unique in my field. I aim to revolutionize the eye care and eye health experience. From routine eye exams to specialty eye disease screening to optical emergency treatments. I also go beyond standard eye care, specializing in ocular pathology and several advanced optometry techniques.

What are your most popular products?

Our lenses… Essilor premium quality. Our frames… from the eyewear runways of Italy, France, Germany, Japan—the fashion capitals of the world—we bring you thousands of Luxury Eyewear Choices. Classic. Avant-Garde. Exclusive. Our expert stylist is on-site to find your Signature Look. PLUS! Innovative non-preserved medications that are better for the eyes. 

What is the biggest lesson that business ownership has taught you?

When you are working for yourself, everything is on the line. You have to treat every patient like family. You have to be the absolute best you can be. You have to exceed only your expectations. Mine are higher than ever…

What do you hope that people remember about your company?

A revolutionary eye exam. Quality care. Personalized Service. Compassionate Service. Yes, finally, service you can’t beat! And… the most gorgeous eyewear in the city!

What could we wish for you in the future?

To always remain true to my brand of Optical Excellence. And, to open more HARINA Optométristes Boutique Showrooms…