Easy Recipes and Activities to Celebrate Easter!

In anticipation of Easter celebrations, we’ve come up with some easy-to-make recipes and ideas for simple, fun activities!

Recipe #1: Sweet Dip


  • 1/3 cup of corn syrup 
  • 3 tbsp of unsalted butter at room temperature 
  • ½ tsp of vanilla extract 
  • 2 ½ cups of icing sugar 
  • 1 cup of Cool Whip
  • Orange food colouring


1.    In a large bowl, whisk together corn syrup, butter and vanilla until smooth.

2.    Gradually add powdered sugar until mixture thickens.

3.    Add Cool Whip and stir for a few minutes until well combined.

4.    Separate a small portion of the preparation into a separate bowl and add food colouring to make the “egg yolk”.

5.    Place the yolk mix on top of the white mix to recreate the “egg” effect, and serve with mini chocolate bars.

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Recipe #2 : Easy Microwave Cream Fudge

It’s possible to make cream fudge easily in just a few minutes, without shoulder pain. Just follow the steps!


  • 2 cups of brown sugar 
  • ¾ cup of butter, softened 
  • 1 can of sweetened condensed milk (Eagle Brand)
  • 2 cups of icing sugar 
  • 1 tsp of vanilla


1.    Mix together the brown sugar, butter and sweetened condensed milk. 

2.    Cook in the microwave on HIGH for 10 minutes, mixing every 2 minutes.

3.    Add the icing sugar and vanilla. 

4.    Mix the preparation with an electric mixer until smooth. 

5.    Pour in a buttered pan and refrigerate before cutting in cubes. 

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A Few Easter-Themed Sweet Improvements…

Not in the mood for a new recipe? Give an Easter twist to your favourite sweet treats with these two easy changes:  

1.    Replace chocolate chips with Mini Eggs in your favourite cookies, cakes and brownies! Chop the Mini Eggs on a cutting board if necessary. (This brownie recipe is our favourite, to which we add ½ cup of chopped mini eggs before baking.)   

2.    Transform your classic Rice Krispies squares into Easter eggs! Once your usual preparation is ready, coat your hands with canola oil to shape the mix into egg shapes (you can also use plastic moulds). Let the eggs cool before dipping them in melted chocolate and decorating with pastel sprinkles.

Activity #1: Decorating the House… With Eggs

Did you know that creating something with your hands releases happy hormones? Science says so! Decorating eggs can be an inspiring way to spend time with the whole family. Empty out some eggs (use brown and white eggs; the variety is prettier), and grab some brushes, paint, non-toxic markers, glitter and stickers, and let your imagination run wild! You’ll have some great decorations for your home.

Activity #2: Organize an Egg Race!

Prepare a spoon and an egg for each person taking part in the race, set a starting point and a finishing line, and you’re all set! The first person to transport their egg without breaking it wins a chocolate Easter bunny! You’re free to increase the complexity of the course. You could imagine a route where you have to go outside and come back in, go up and down stairs, lie down on the ground and stand up again… you get the gist!

Activity #3: Red Light, Green Light – Rabbit Mode

The perfect activity to kick off at a moment’s notice in the yard, park or living room, this variation on the classic game of Red Light, Green Light.

Activity #4: How Fragile are Eggs, Anyway?

Have you ever tested the strength of an egg? Grab some eggs, something to stabilize them (this could be rolls of electrician’s tape or bottle caps) and some heavy objects around the house. Place the eggs in the rolls and place a second roll on top to keep the eggs stable and provide a flat surface at the top. Place various objects on top to test the strength of the eggshells. You’ll be surprised, we guarantee it!