Fall 2021 Beauty Trends Inspired by Runways

The last few months have been all about a minimalist beauty routine. With the return of social group activities, we’re adding glam to our mascara-only routine. This Fall, top designer runways are inspiring us to experiment with makeup again. Here are 4 beauty trends to keep an eye out for and try out!

 "Soap Brows" are for fluffy and natural eyebrows, the term refers to the method used to achieve this look. Instead of eyebrow gel, use these bar soaps to shape your eyebrows. But no, you don’t have to carry your soap around. There are several products on the market that will give the same effect as a traditional Dove bar! Celebrity makeup artist Patrick Ta recently launched Major Brow, an innovative defining wax that optimizes the shape of your eyebrows. On a tight budget? Head to Pharmaprix to discover the revolutionary eyebrow soap.


This Fall, say hello to the return of the classic duo: black eyeliner and red lips. Seen on the runway of New York designer Prabal Gurung, this trend deserves a spot in your beauty bag. For a modern look, go for a matte lipstick from M.A.C. For a retro-inspired look, choose a water-repellent liquid liner that will last all day and offer opaque pigment like the iconic Liguer Tattoo, a bestseller from KDV Beauty.


For a healthy glow and a trendy look, apply your blush on the top part of your cheek bones. Show off your color with a pink shade from Rare Beauty or a more peachy shade like Milani's blush Apply it in a halo motion, from the tip of your cheek bone to your temples. A little tip for an instant face lift: apply your bronzer first to hollow the cheek, then your blush.


She's created quite a debate on Tik Tok, whether you're Gen Z or not, the middle-part is all over the place this Fall season. Straight hair, worn in a pony, bun or even curly, whatever your style, you’ll find a way to style your hair that’s trendy and works for you!