Art de la table

Choose Your Theme

If you need some help in choosing a theme, check out our Holiday Decorating Guide. The keyword here is harmony, so whether you prefer a Nordic-style tree and decorations or the classic red & green colour scheme, you'll want to reflect the same theme at the table. In order to organize a Pinterest-worthy holiday reception, we suggest that you avoid overloading your space. Focus on your theme and use a maximum of 3 colours. Here are some winning combinations to inspire you: blue & silver, red, green, white and black, white & gold. With a focus on natural colours and materials, the rustic style is especially popular this season. All the little treasures you can find on a forest hike will serve as a starting point.

Art de la table

Select Your Fabrics

If you have a beautiful antique table or a solid wood table, now’s the time to showcase it by choosing a table runner or placemats. Conversely, if your table is rather basic or in need of a makeover, you can hide it under a solid-colour tablecloth in a material such as linen, velvet or glittering cotton for stylish results. Are you looking for something more festive? Choose a glittery pattern or a tablecloth with enchanting designs! For the napkins, you have a choice between paper or fabric. Paper napkins are convenient for a cocktail-style reception, while cloth napkins are perfect for a 5-course dinner. You can place them in the centre of the plates, and use your imagination to fold them and tie them with a velvet ribbon or burlap string.

Snowflakes Placemat, Silver $4,99 at Stokes

Art de la table

Find your tableware

There’s no need to invest in silverware to ensure your dinner’s success, but if you do have it, now is the best time to take it out! When choosing your tableware, we suggest that you set your everyday plates and glasses aside. The goal is to create a special setting, and not simply recreating the same concept as for a Friday night dinner with friends. If you have nice-looking plain white dishes, this is a great place to start. Same thing if you have a plain black set – these dishes will go perfectly with a Scandinavian or rustic-style decor. Are you looking for originality without spending a fortune? A mismatched dinner set with vintage pieces is sure to steal the show!

When setting the table, you may use La Guilde Culinaire’s plan as a reference. Pay attention to the smaller details such as the choice of a cheese board, champagne flutes and dessert platters. Linen Chest, Stokes and The Bay stores offer a beautiful selection of linens, tableware and glassware. Why not invest in a few festive pieces?

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Art de la table


It’s with the centrepiece and placemats that you can really have fun! Depending on your budget, you can save by using your DIY talents. Opt for a chandelier from the Aux Merveilles boutique or for a floral arrangement signed Luluthia bar à fleurs. Another good solution to impress your guests is to purchase small holiday-themed items such as cinnamon sticks, rosemary, cranberries or even sweets at your IGA Grocery store. All you need is a little imagination and keeping your chosen theme in mind when shopping. In these pandemic times, we all want to avoid sharing viruses or bacteria, so think about getting glass markers or making your own. If you have any leftover Christmas baubles that weren’t used for your tree, keep them aside for your creative projects. To conclude, we encourage you to print out your menu or write it by hand on a slate board. This way, you can show off your cooking skills and entice your guests as soon as they arrive.

Here’s a DIY project suggestion to inspire you!

Art de la table

Focus on the Atmosphere

As stated in our Holiday Decorating Guide, don’t underestimate the importance of your lighting in creating the right atmosphere for your party. According to your space, consider using a candleholder, a light garland, candleholders, or candles. The goal is to create a cozy atmosphere with soft lighting. If you choose candles, we advise you to prefer an unscented version to avoid masking the smell of your dishes. These can be used as a starting point for your centrepiece.

Art de la table

Adding the final touch

Think of preparing a small gift for each of your guests. Placed on the plate or with the place marker, this distinctive element will complete your table’s decor. Here are a few ideas to inspire you: a bag of gourmet candies from The Bay, a set of chocolat chaud at Renaud-Bray, a bubble bath from Fruits & Passion, a L'Occitane hand cream, a box of Laura Secord chocolates, or a small bottle of alcohol purchased at the SAQ. Your guests will be touched by this little attention.

Chocolat chaud caramel salé, $15,99 at Renaud-Bray.

With these tips, all ingredients are brought together to create a beautiful, festive table for the holidays.

Happy shopping … and happy holidays!