The owner and founder of M.C.F Curated Boutique, Joy Uche has an impressive resume. She first worked as a model in Paris, then began her studies in fashion design at the Instituto Marangoni in the City of Lights, before moving to the Italian campus in Milan to finish her course. A lover of challenges, she also completed a master's degree in fashion design at the same school. With 10 years of experience in the fashion industry, she has worked on the design team of several big names, including Roberto Cavalli, Dolce & Gabbana and Dsquared2 and as a stylist at Diane von Furstenberg in Italy. It was a love story that led her to move to Montreal when she met a Quebecer in Milan. After a two-year long-distance relationship, Joy finally moved to Montreal in 2017 to start her family and later her business M.C.F Curated Boutique. Meet an inspiring woman, Joy Uche, owner and founder of this unique boutique.

What does M.C.F mean? 

M.C.F means Modern Contemporary Fashion, and it also happens to be the initials of both my kids, my son Milan (3 1/2 years old) named after the city I love so dearly, and my daughter Mia (20 months old).

Can you describe M.C.F. Curated Boutique in a few words?

The concept of M.C.F Curated Boutique is to provide a carefully curated selection of bags, footwear, and accessories that have a contemporary aesthetic rarely seen on the Canadian market. We cater to women who love to be bold and unique, but still maintaining a feminine strength, sensuality, and exoticness.

What made you decide to open your own boutique?

I chose to open my own boutique because having visited Montreal a couple of times before moving here, I realized that there was a gap in the fashion industry. I wanted to offer the possibility of finding original and standout pieces without having to spend a fortune.

What makes M.C.F Curated Boutique different?

The strength of M.C.F Curated Boutique is grounded in each of the brands and designers that we represent, who each have a strong image and brand identity. In some cases, they can even be described as disruptive in their niche. Shopping with us is more of an experience, our clients literally fall in love with every piece and cannot seem to only choose one.

How do you choose each product?

For us, it's more about choosing the brands. Our process is thoughtful and exclusive, and we strive to create a family of brands and designers we strongly believe in, that embody unique aesthetics, innovation, creativity, passion, boldness, and uncommon flare to provide a real showcase for our customers. My desire is to create an oasis for trendy style seekers, who are unafraid to take risks and enjoy fashion!

Why is it important to buy local?

As the owner and founder, as well as being a black woman-owned business, I find this is a very good time - not easy but promising, for black women and women as a whole. Something positive is coming out of such a painful time - this pandemic, we’re finding our voices, passions, strengths, and coming together to elevate one another. It’s important to support small businesses and brands, in a time that impacts them greatly.

What are some of M.C.F Curated's projects for 2021?

The future is so exciting for M.C.F Curated. We are constantly looking to expand our selection of brands, both local and international, and open new locations. Our showroom is the only distributor of the brands available at our boutique in Canada, which allows us to offer them to other boutiques and retailers, stylists, and personalities who share our vision.

Joy's favourites for spring


''The Bella Bag from La Carrie is their signature bag. The details, richness, and uniqueness - a Showstopper".

Bella Handbag by La Carrie, $450 at M.C.F Curated Boutique

"This leather jacket with rivets is a must for Spring''.

Très Chic Leather Jacket by Stefano Ghilard, $370 at M.C.F Curated Boutique


''Out of this world design - the silhouette, shape and colours are out of this world creative''.

Cloud sneakers by CLJD, $310 at M.C.F Curated Boutique


"Protects your sunglasses and in addition, serves as a fashion accessory that can attach to your handbag, belt, or outfit."

Browline sunglasses case by Suncover, $140 at M.C.F Curated Boutique