Reinventing Christmas Traditions

There are fewer cars in the streets, the laughter of children can be heard all around, and the hustle and bustle of everyday life slowly subsides, as if time is slowing down. As the nights turn colder, the spirit of Christmas brings us together and warms our hearts. This magical time of the year reminds us of the importance of spending time with our families, surrounded by our loved ones.

While we can sometimes get caught up in the frenzy of gift-giving and parties, this year, we invite you to reconnect with your traditions, but also to take this opportunity to create new ones. With family, friends, or yourself, Christmas break is a time to recharge your batteries and pamper yourself.

Reconnecting With Your Inner Child

How fun it is to play outside! Do you remember the last time you spent an afternoon outside, to come in and warm up with a cup of hot chocolate? We may forget it sometimes… but spending some energy in the cool winter air feels great!

Put on your snowsuits and invite the whole family to join in for an afternoon of "snowman selfies"! Everyone can make their own snowman and dress it up with paint and clothes. You can then take pictures to immortalize your work and enjoy comparing it from one year to the next.

You could also challenge yourself to a friendly snow fight or a snow sculpture contest. Whoever can get the most people to guess what they have carved wins an ornament to add to the Christmas tree!

Reconnecting With Your Beloved

Make it a habit to set some time aside during your holiday break to reconnect with your partner and use this respite from the daily grind to enjoy some tender moments. Commit to going for a walk in the woods, or to running off in the middle of the night, all bundled up, to look at the stars and talk about your dreams for the coming year. An evening spent talking with your partner under the soft glow of the moon will help you reconnect.

To celebrate your relationship in a big way, you could also decide to create a personalized advent calendar for each other. This way, you can surprise each other every day with a little something that shows your love. There’s nothing better to add a touch of charm to December's daily routine!

Reconnecting With Your Friends

We sometimes tend to forget that taking care of ourselves is just as important as taking care of our loved ones. Re-energize yourself by spending some time with friends. Why not create a themed culinary tradition with friends?

You could have a “board” party inspired by the concept of charcuterie boards, where guests must put together a tray of desserts, vegetables, chocolate or even breads to share. A “colourful cocktail” party, where everyone creates a cocktail of a specific colour and presents it to the group, is also a great idea!

Of course, a classic afternoon at the spa could be the perfect way to get together and relax, as could a session of ice skating on lighted trails or a snowshoeing hike.

No matter which activity you try this year or which tradition you create, the most important thing is to initiate and take advantage of these precious moments to reconnect with the people who brighten your life all year long. Take the time to show your gratitude for their presence in your life. And remember that if the days are flying by, a personalized greeting card or even a good old-fashioned phone call in your pajamas will certainly warm the hearts of your loved ones.

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