Summer Festivals – 7 Pro Tips to Enjoy Them to the Fullest

Attending a festival is like going on a little adventure in your hometown (or not too far away). It’s a chance to break the routine and enjoy new music and culinary delights, while discovering emerging artists from all genres. With or without the kids, between friends, or as a romantic getaway, we’re letting our hair down and heading off in search of unique moments this summer! How can you make sure you don’t miss a thing? By following these 7 pro tips!

1. Check the Programming Beforehand

Get together with your summer buddies and plan the events you would like to attend. Grab the event schedules and find out which artists and kiosks will be there to map out your festive itinerary. If there are priority conflicts, don’t worry! Just agree to split up once you’re there, and determine a meeting point for later on!

2. Bring Cash With You

Most major events now accept card payments. However, if you don’t want to be caught off guard or have to pass on a pair of great earrings you’ve seen at a local artist’s booth, stop by your bank’s ATM before heading out and slip a few bills into your fanny pack. You’ll avoid the exorbitant fees of on-site ATMs and be prepared for every possibility!

3. Move Freely

When it comes to your festival attire, you’ll want to combine fashion and comfort. Combine a pair of thick-soled sneakers with a bucket hat for optimum comfort that will keep you moving all day long. And don’t forget to pack a raincoat and a pair of dry socks in your bag should it start raining.

4. Give Yourself Some Time

Plan to arrive at least an hour before the start of the first performance to give yourself time to check out the site and soak up the atmosphere. Identify the location of restrooms (bonus points for those who can identify the quietest ones!), places where you can relax between performances, and water fountains. This will allow you to breeze through the day and could prevent you from missing anything!

5. Get Friendly With Your Water Bottle

On site (and even the day prior), hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. Your reusable water bottle is your best friend of the day. Attending a festival or summer event usually involves walking in direct sunlight and being stimulated from all directions. Your body needs water! (All together, let’s say it again... hydrate!)

6. Take Pictures – in Moderation!

At a few moments throughout the day, capture moments on the spot to create beautiful memories of your adventures. However, be careful not to become the official event photographer! The best memories are created when really in the moment.

7. Let Yourself Free!

Our seventh tip, and not the least, is to enjoy it to the fullest! Let yourself be swept away by the event’s atmosphere, and don’t worry about the slightly invasive crowds, the mud sticking to your shoes, or the sun beating down too hard on your head. Enjoy the $8 hot dog and the $14 beer. You’re there, go for it!

Your 2023 Summer Festival Calendar

Piknic Électronik | May 21 - October 1st | outdoor musical days and evenings for EDM enthusiasts | parc Jean-Drapeau


L'international des Feux Loto-Québec | June 29 - August 10 | an internationally renowned firework festival | La Ronde


Montréal complètement Cirque | July 6-16 | the best of circus arts transforms the city’s parks and sidewalks into performance venues | Villeray & Little Italy boroughs


National Bank Open | August 4-13 | world-class tennis, a lively atmosphere, and guaranteed fun | IGA stadium

For more inspiration and great tips on how to make the most of this festival season, come see our retailers and employees, They’ll be happy to help you!