The mantra for the last year has no doubt been a push towards moving away from purchasing at big-box chains or department stores, and supporting local small businesses to not only support our economy but also elevate our communities and diversify our unique offering. Discover some of our local treasures here at Rockland and why our brand ambassadors love them so much!


Hi, I'm Laura - an entrepreneur, branding strategist, partner @spincomontreal, host of monthly personal development virtual events and a first-time mama to baby Chloe.

Rockland Centre brings back so many beautiful memories from my younger days. From starting to work at the age of 16 at Buffalo Jeans to then Nautilus Plus, the experience and memories made will always hold a special place in my heart – and this is exactly why Rockland is my number one go-to mall!

One of my favourite stores has to be Noize! I am a big advocate for living a sustainable life, in my household, we try to take daily actions & steps to make improvements with our consumption. This is a big reason why I have so much love for Noize and all that they stand for. Not only do they make cool, fashionable, trendy outerwear and fashion pieces, but their entire mission and brand purpose are made on sustainable cruelty-free clothing. Take the new spring lounge set that I am wearing here, it is made of post-consumer recycled bottles and the leather trench coat is completely vegan! That is something that not only makes me proud to wear it, but also makes me feel good from the inside out! Check out Noize and the pieces I selected here. Wearing a size small in all. Enjoy your shopping!

You can follow along my journey here. XO

@mademoisellejules X JUDITH & CHARLES

As a huge fan of supporting local, working with Rockland Centre  was an easy yes for me! I love how the mall has something for everyone – including many local stores that you can only find there. The uniqueness of the mall is the combination of both big brands & local options –an absolute win! One of my favourites in the mall is Judith & Charles - a brand started by a husband & wife duo right here in Canada. Their collections range from ultra smart to more relaxed - but the quality is always there.

Having worked closely with Rockland Centre  in 2018 brought me closer to the brand’s core values, one of which being how important it is to shop & support local entrepreneurs, designers & brands.

For someone who loves fashion, naturally I have a love for shopping, so Rockland has always been a go-to for me!

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@safinaaaslam X TRISTAN STYLE

I recently had the pleasure to work with a local Montreal brand, Tristan. This brand holds a special place in my heart because it brings back memories of when my mom and I would spend our Saturdays at the mall and shop at Tristan together. We were both always intrigued by their clothing quality, design and comfort. Tristan creates timeless pieces that will never go out of style. Every piece that my mom and I purchased together from Tristan has an unforgettable story behind it that I will cherish forever. Once restrictions are lifted, I can’t wait to continue our weekly shopping dates at Tristan!

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@orlajohannes X M2 BOUTIQUES

So proud to represent Rockland Shopping Centre as a brand ambassador for M/2 Boutique located on the third floor opposite MAC Cosmetics. I love that they carry some of my favourite clothing brands such as Hugo Boss, Paige Jeans, Lacoste, Scotch & Soda to name a few!

Between you and me, I just love a shopping day where I feel relaxed and at Rockland there’s a great selection and easy parking. I’m obsessed with makeup, so I love to pop into Sephora! Always happy to collect my alterations from the best ”Charles Le Tailleur” and pick up my resoled Christian Louboutin shoes from Cordonnerie Rockland in good condition. The flowers from Luluthia are just gorgeous, so I often treat myself!

Then a quick stop for lunch in their new trendy food court, after which a little looksy in The Bay because I love their high-end cosmetic lines and home decor department. Oh and gimme some of the great styles at Browns please!

Shopping local has never been more important to our beautiful city of Montreal! Go on, treat yourself!

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@hanathewifey X LINEN CHEST

Why I chose Linen Chest for my new home?

I’m familiar with Linen Chest since I was a child. It’s my mom’s go to store for kitchen accessories, bedding and home decor. My mom often asked me for my opinion when purchasing something. The girly girl I am loved baby pink so much that I would look throughout the store and pick all the baby pink items. Now that I’m an adult and that I have my own place, I can’t help but love Linen Chest more and more.

I find that the decor and accessories fit well with my style. I always find very pretty and unique kitchen accessories and my favourite service is their in-home custom draperies. Honestly the quality is amazing and the service at Linen Chest is impeccable and that’s why I love it there.

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For me, Rockland Centre is a place where I find local, sophisticated products with a modern fashion edge. I am always so happy to stop by Sports Experts to find outfits for the many sports I enjoy doing. From dancing to hiking in the wilderness, I find all the equipment I need right at the Rockland Centre store, made with trendy designs and the best quality materials adapted for my activities. I always find myself turning back to Rockland Centre as they always have great products that best suit my style and my various creative projects, whether it's props for a photoshoot or for everyday life, their local selection is by far the best in the city. Happy to share with you my finds on Instagram and TikTok: anniesama8.

@zelatakogan x Boutique Clément

Boutique Clément has a special place in my heart. As soon as I found out that I was pregnant with Milan, this was the first store that I went to. They have everything that you need as a first-time mom, from strollers, to sleep sacks, to cute pj's, Boutique Clement is really a one stop shop. On top of having functional items, they also carry the cutest brands. Milan's favorites are Deux Par Deux and The North Face.

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