Winter Is Ours!

The snow was slow to arrive, but that doesn't mean we can't have fun and start the year on the right foot! Here are our recommendations and outing suggestions to make the most of the cold season, whether it's snowy or not.

Get Your Dose of Vitamin D

Exposure to sunlight helps fill up on vitamin D. This vitamin is essential for bone health, immune system, and emotional well-being, nothing less! So head outside for at least 15 minutes a day when the sun is shining and at least 30 minutes when the weather is overcast! Escaping to nature could also do a lot of good and allow you to regain your energy and creativity. Plan a short getaway and grab your bags!

Gently Activate Your Body

Activating your body every day brings numerous benefits. You could do some stretching, take a leisurely walk in the neighborhood, or even have a photo session outdoors. With the children, prepare a nature treasure hunt and go looking for twigs, special-shaped rocks, and pine cones. Integrating more movement into your daily life will promote restorative sleep and wellness.

Say Bye to Guilt!

There may be times when you just want to stay home. This winter, we invite you to honour that need. Give yourself the right to hibernate on weekends, turn off the cellphone and dive into a book or series for the simple reason that it's what you feel like doing. Pull out the slow cooker to cook easy, comforting dishes, and pop into the couch cushions while it starts smelling good. Laundry can wait until Monday night...

A Fresh Take on Your Timeless Classics

Your preferred winter (and summer) activities can be reinterpreted even without snow. Start a fire outside and prepare some S'mores to enjoy wrapped up in blankets. Go skating... inside! Or, build a fort in the backyard with your beach towels and turn the snowball fight into a wooden stick fencing tournament! (Consider attaching a foam ball to the end of the gathered sticks to prevent injuries.)

Not 1, not 2, but 3!

Even if there is no snow, temperatures can drop! Make sure you stay warm by putting on at least three layers of clothing. You'll also adjust more easily during the day. Combine breathable fabrics with insulating and waterproof materials. A basic layer of merinos wool with a polar jacket and a goretex coat will do the job perfectly! For ultimate winter comfort, consider using cleats that will prevent slipping on icy surfaces.


To maintain a strong immune system all season and avoid catching a cold, healthy eating is the way to go. Add citrus fruits and green vegetables in your diet for vitamins and minerals, legumes to digest well and lots of fluids to stay hydrated! If you still get a cold, try replacing the afternoon coffee with a chicken broth or peppermint tea... it’s so comforting!

Ready for Anything!

Last tip for enjoying winter: prepare your outdoor kit. In a small bag that you can quickly grab whenever you step outside, pack some tissues, hydrating lip balm, sunscreen (apply even when the sun is hiding!), non-freezing snacks like energy balls or nuts, spare socks, and a water bottle. Simple, yet essential!

Your 2024 Winter Activities Calendar

Igloofest | January 18 to February 10 | local and international electronic music in the open air | Old Port of Montreal

Montréal en Lumière | February 29 to March 10 | gastronomy, free outdoor activities, shows and Nuit Blanche | Quartier des Spectacles

Baratanga | February 9 and 10 | roving lit-up percussions | Parc Jean-Drapeau

AURA | several dates all winter | light stations and immersive multimedia experience | Notre-Dame Basilica

For more inspiration and guidance on how to enjoy the cold season, visit our retailers and employees. They are here for you!