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H&M - Rockland
H&M - Rockland

Published on April 12, 2023


Visual merchandiser

Start Date: Immediately

Job Type: Permanent

Employment status: Part time or Full time

Work schedule: Day, Evening, Weekend 

Job Description :

At H&M, we believe that it's when you combine and match different talents, experiences, and styles that the real magic happens. This is why our teams are made up of personalities, talents, and people from all different walks of life. If you are eager to learn, grow and help our customers and your colleagues, H&M will always be a place where you can both express your individuality and feel like you belong.

You work at the heart of a fast-moving fashion company and in your store, you create an environment that inspires customers and inspires them to personalize their style.

You support and coach the store team to provide the customer with the most exciting and inspiring shopping experience, in line with the values and spirit of the H&M brand. You drive in-store sales and are responsible for setting up our visual identity to make H&M the number one fashion destination.

You must meet the expectations of our customers and your employees at all times by respecting the rules and procedures and H&M.

 Fashion knowledge 

• Keep up to date on current trends, and styling techniques, in order to be able to anticipate the client's needs.

• Share, inspire, and inform the store team on the trends of the season.

Direct customer service 

• Make sure to offer the customer a direct service that meets their expectations and complies with H&M standards.

• Help the store to optimize customer service.

Indirect customer service 

• Ensure the follow-up of the visual identity of H&M by applying the Commercial Handbook and verify that the GTL are correctly presented on the mannequins in the window and in the store while verifying that the presentation of the clothes is in accordance with the identity of the concept.

• Create a clear red thread that links the windows and the A-zone, by presenting easy-to-wear shopping suggestions.

• Optimize the presentation of the clothes to guarantee their commercial impact and ensure proper maintenance of the clothes on a daily basis, in collaboration with the store team.

• Guide the customer to our various in-store concepts using the store plan, visual presentation material, and signage.

• Launch and conduct all campaigns and other commercial operations, on schedule and in accordance with H&M policies and procedures.

Track sales targets

• Identify opportunities to increase customer satisfaction and sales.

• Follow up and initiate the necessary actions to reach the sales budget.

Business procedures Required Skills : 

• Track key performance indicators (KPIs) and implement action plans to achieve store business and financial goals.

• Adapt the planning to the needs of the store.

• Perform daily customer tours to seize and maximize business opportunities.

In-store visual routines 

• Practice sampling to highlight fashion themes and create wearable shopping suggestions.

• Manage all visual presentation material and its ordering schedule.

• Checks the quality and condition of all visual material delivered.

• Maintain and take care of all visual and in-store presentation equipment, with a view to sustainability.

• Ensure the proper layout and safety of the decor room.

• Inform the team of seasonal updates to the Commercial Handbook and conduct reviews throughout the season.

• Provide updates to all in-store VM information material.

• Guarantee that the store always has a sufficient quantity of material to ensure sales and commercial activities.

Required Skills : 

• 2 years of retail merchandising/visual presentation experience.

• Ability to work in a dynamic environment.

• Ability to lift over 20 lbs.

• Ability to stand for long periods of time, bend, stretch, perform repetitive motions, push, pull, and carry objects (mannequins, clothing, bags, torsos, etc.) for a short distance.

• Ability to climb a ladder and use a stepladder.

• Basic computer knowledge.

• Must be able to provide visual presentation training and day-to-day guidance through H&M shared values.

• Exceptional customer service and interpersonal skills.

• Strong organizational and time management skills.

• Strong verbal communication skills.

• Able to work independently while working as part of a team.

• Must be able to work with manual and power tools to install the various visual presentation elements.

• Strong merchandising/visual presentation skills, and must be able to drive sales through creativity, fashion, and marketing knowledge.

• Must be able to work flexible hours and sometimes extended hours.

• Must be able to travel to support other stores.

• Specialized certificate or degree in the fashion industry preferred (i.e. Visual Presentation Arts, Fashion Arts, Fashion Management, Retail Management).

• Employment status: not exempt, hourly (part-time or full-time).

H&M will make accommodations to meet the needs of people with disabilities during the recruitment and selection process.

If a job candidate requires accommodations from H&M, H&M will consult with the candidate and make the adjustments that best meet that person's needs.

Successful applicants will be informed of our accommodation policies for employees with disabilities.