Rockland Stylists
Claude Laframboise

Fashion Expert

A household name in the Canadian fashion & beauty landscape, Claude Laframboise has more than 20 years of experience in Canadian media. He’s held many roles, including stylist and beauty editor for Clin d’œil, editor of the Montreal edition of FASHION Magazine, chief editor for MARIAGE Québec; he also held many key roles, including chief editor, for LOULOU magazine. He currently contributes to Véro magazine & Le Bel Âge magazine.

Claude is also a popular fashion and beauty reporter on television. A regular guest on Breakfast Television (City) and Global News Morning Montreal (Global), he also contributed to different TV shows such as Steven and Chris (CBC), Simple comme bonjour & Grosse journée (Radio-Canada), and Deux filles le matin (TVA). In addition, he played a consultant role for the Académie Airoldi TV series (Canal Vie).

Renowned for his practical and democratic approach to fashion & beauty matters, Claude offers realistic, accessible solutions to following trends while focusing on one’s own personality and style. Highly aware of the significant impact and message associated with one’s appearance, he gladly advises customers looking for a modern, neat look.

Ariane Sylvain

A Montreal-based stylist, Ariane Sylvain shows her true instinct towards trends and a unique, bold style. She is known for daring to defy conventions. In her opinion, fashion is an art form, one that can be used to express our personality and have fun with.

Renowned for her raw natural talent, her creativity, her open-mindedness and her interpersonal skills, Ariane is sought after for editorials, advertising campaigns, TV productions, red carpet events and personal styling consultations.  

She oversees the fashion choices of many famous Quebec personalities, including host and influencer Marina Bastarache and signer Ima.

Jenn Finkelstein

Jenn Finkelstein is one of Canada's top fashion stylist's with over 10 years experience. Right from the beginning, her unique eye for fashion, infused with her love of cinema and fine arts, has drawn a fair share of attention. She has become a key player within the world of high fashion and editorial styling. Best known for her youthful styling, cool-edge and creative talent, she has become a highly coveted asset for all top photographers, agencies and clients in the industry who want to create visually compelling narratives.

Loving is knowing, and knowing is learning. Choosing an outfit becomes an expression of pleasure and well-being once we understand our figure and how to feature our best assets. Jenn loves to share these fashion fundamentals through personalized shopping sessions, to bring out more than just a look through every encounter.

Jenn's mission is to help her clients journey through fashion trends and personality traits, comfort and elegance; the best that Montreal has to offer, including a vast array of entertainment, food and fashion opportunities.