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Pistachio, coconut and raspberry health bars
Health bars with Pistachio, Coconut & Raspberry

Chewy bars make great lunch box snacks. However, prepackaged bars can often contain overly processed sugars and preservatives. Prepare excellent home-made pistachio, coconut and raspberry bars without any guilt!

Grilled Radicchio & Peach Salad
Grilled Radicchio & Peach Salad

Looking for a little freshness? Prepare this excellent radicchio and grilled peach salad! Crisp leaves, tasty beets and hot sweet peaches, something you will crave every day! A quick, easy and yet exotic side dish that will surely change up the routine.

The Shakshuka

Pass up on your traditional lunch and travel through Moroccan culture by cooking a tasty Shakshuka or also called an Israeli egg. A warm and unpretentious dish, flavoured with spices.

Served in a saucepan, you will find flavours of coconut, curry and juicy tomatoes. So, are we having lunch already?

Ramen with Vegetable and Noodles
Ramen with Vegetable and Noodles

A Japanese specialty, cooking a vegetable ramen has never been so easy! Balanced and nutritious, this vegetable soup will allow you to get through the day while keeping cozy! Infused with fresh ginger, roasted sesame seeds and green onions, travel through Asia with this comforting dish.