Celebrate the Lunar New Year in style

Starting on the date of the first new moon of the year, the Lunar New Year is a major celebration for a quarter of the population around the world. On January 25, people will come together to kick off the Year of the Metal Rat, which symbolizes chance and prosperity. What does this year have in store for you?

How does the Chinese zodiac work?

The Chinese zodiac is based on a twelve-year cycle. Each year in that cycle is related to an animal (Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Sheep, Monkey, Rooster, Dog and Pig) as well as one of the five elements (Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water). The combination of personality traits between an animal and element make up the unique characteristics of people born in a particular year and influence the other zodiac signs throughout the current year.

What does the Year of the Metal Rat have in store for you?

In Chinese astrology, metal represents individualism and independence. The Rat is synonymous with perfectionism, especially with one’s appearance. The Rat is also renowned for its honesty, observation skills, instinct and more. Therefore, the Year of the Metal Rat will be filled with honesty and pragmatism—regardless of your Chinese zodiac sign.

How you can celebrate the Lunar New Year

There are many popular traditions surrounding the Lunar New Year. For example, a red envelope or red packet is a monetary gift given to celebrate the Lunar New Year. The red colour of the envelope or packet symbolizes good luck and wards off evil spirits. Why not dress yourself up in a bold red outfit or add some red accessories to your look for the occasion?

Several of Rockland’s retailers will be celebrating the Lunar New Year by offering items to commemorate the event. So that you can enjoy the festivities in style and have a great new year filled with prosperity, here are some gift ideas—either for yourself or loved ones.

Red clothes for women Lunar New Year H&M - Rockland


Get dressed up in red for the Lunar New Year! If you are an intrepid dresser, why not wear something red and match it with shoes or a purse in metallic colours, such as silver or gold? Looking to garner a little less attention? Pair a dark-red outfit with navy blue, khaki green or gray. White and black are also some go-to colours you can opt for.

For her

Dresses and long hoodie for her at H&M

Red clothes for men Lunar New Year H&M - Rockland

For him

Suit and long-sleeved shirts for him at H&M

Shoes men women Aldo Browns - Rockland

To complete your look

Shoes for her and for him at Browns and Aldo

Red clothes for kids Lunar New Year H&M - Rockland

For other members of your family

And for young children who want to get in on the action, they will be cute as buttons in these adorable outfits that pay tribute to 2020’s star animal!

Kids' clothes at H&M

Red clothes for dogs Lunar New Year Chien Mondain - Rockland

Don’t forget your furry friends! Even your dog can be dressed to the nines.

Coats for dogs at Chien Mondain.

L'Occitane red hand cream Lunar New Year Guess purse - Rockland


A new twist on a classic hand cream from the renowned French brand! Made with 20% shea butter, this hand cream will nourish and protect your hands from the drying effects of winter. Its beautiful packaging will not go unnoticed either! Slip a tube of cream in your evening purse to keep your hands silky smooth during any event.

Hand cream from L'Occitane and purse from Guess

Red cosmetics Lunar New year The Bay Clinique Shiseido Laura Mercier Lancôme - Rockland

The Bay

Getting ready for the festivities also means taking care of your face and choosing the right makeup. The Bay offers a wide array of cosmetics specifically created for the Lunar New Year, including gift sets in the trendy colour. Get one for yourself or loved ones—and feel great all year long!

Clinique, Shiseido, Laura Mercier and Lancôme products at The Bay.

Red purses Lunar New Year Coach Kate Spade The Bay - Rockland

Make sure you check out the handbags from Coach and Kate Spade to ring in the Lunar New Year in elegance and with a hint of pizazz.

Coach and Kate Spade purses at The Bay

Red lipstick and gloss MAC Lunar New Year - Rockland


The flamboyant Canadian makeup brand will definitely celebrate the New Year boldly and brilliantly! There are shades for every style, every personality and every taste! Try a cherry red or imperial red lipstick to make a splash during any party. It’s the perfect final touch for your unique outfit!

Lipstick and gloss at MAC

Pandora charms Lunar New Year Chinese zodiac - Rockland


Red and gold on your wrist will definitely make you stand out! Pandora is marking the Lunar New Year with a collection of charms inspired by the Chinese zodiac, including the Rooster, Pig and Rat. Why not purchase your Chinese zodiac sign for good luck each and every day?

Charms from Pandora

Red cosmetics Sephora Fenty Too Faced Shiseido Lunar New Year - Rockland


Laura Mercier, Shiseido, Fresh, Glamglow and many other iconic makeup brands are joining in on the fun with fresh, red takes on their classic fan favourites. Don’t miss out on limited editions for yourself—or treat your favourite makeup maven! Your makeup will be as impeccable as your outfit!

Sephora Collection, Fenty Beauty, Too Faced and Shiseido products from Sephora

Shoes women Stuart Weitzman Lunar New Year - Rockland

Stuart Weitzman

Looking for the perfect pair of shoes? Stuart Weitzman’s new collection is both bold and elegant—and ideal for any Lunar New Year event. Choose from red or metallic colours. Or even a cute little rat?

Shoes for her from Stuart Weitzman.

Happy Lunar New Year to everyone!