MAC - Rockland

MAC – Rockland

  • Until February 8
    Curbside pick-up, phone consultations and doordash delivery - Quartz Entrance
  • Monday to Sunday
    10 am to 5 pm
MAC Cosmetics offers a wide selection of cosmetic products, from make-up to skin care. They also offer make-up accessories and tools.

Opening Hours: 10am -5pm

Phone: 514-737-1246 

Throughout the confinement period, the MAC store offers several methods to provide you with all the essential products you need for your beauty makeover:

Reserve your favorite products online or by phone with the following services:

  • Curbside pick-up: Quartz Entrance
  • Delivery by UPS* or fast delivery by Doordash*. * for a fee
  • Details: All orders must be paid by phone. No payment in person will be accepted.

Our passionate artists are there to advise and inspire you from a distance through our telephone consultations. 

Reserve your time slot now on our website

  • Makeup
  • Foundation
  • Sking Care Products
  • Brushes & Accessories
  • Travel Items
  • Perfumes