Travel trends: The allure of niche vacations

If there’s one thing that few people are willing to sacrifice, it's their vacation! At the pace at which our lives are going, these rare times for escape and relaxation are precious. That’s why everyone wants to enjoy them fully!

Today, travelers are often disappointed by the generic travel offers on the market. However, an industry trend that seems to be emerging over recent years is undoubtedly niche tourism.

What exactly is niche tourism? It is a personalized vacation made to meet your specific needs and tastes. These packages are no longer reserved only for Hollywood stars; in fact, all types of travelers that are looking to venture off the beaten path can enjoy an out-of-the ordinary experience.

Tour operators and hotels have never been more creative when it comes to personalized packages to suit all types of travelers. Are you a foodie? Why not plan a trip to Las Vegas where you have an opportunity to meet the world's greatest chefs as well as taste high-end? Want to get some well-deserved ‘me’ time? Many spas and luxury hotels offer 100% relaxation getaways, which include yoga, massages, a personalized training program, a menu designed by a nutritionist, and more. Are you exhausted? ‘Detox’ packages, which (gently) force to disconnect from your devices, are all the rage. No matter what your needs are, you can enjoy a personalized holiday through a tailor-made program. Here are some examples.

Enjoy a detox vacation in Grand Velas hotels

Want a complete digital detox? That's exactly what the luxurious all-inclusive Grand Velas hotel chain (Cabo, Riviera Maya, Riviera Nayarit, Mexico) offers. Their Digital Detox program encourages families and couples to ditch their mobile devies and spend quality time together. If you book this package, keep in mind that a Detox concierge will remove your suite of all electronic devices, including mobile phones, iPads and laptops. The concierge wil replace them with board games and books.

Guests can also exchange their electronic devices for free activities—including a treatment at the hotel's beautiful spa! That’s not such a bad compromise, considering that the hotel offers daily yoga, Pilates and healthy menus to keep the mind and body healthy!

Weekend Wellness at Kimpton Hotels

Kimpton lifestyle hotels are recognized for being a part of a healthy hotel brand. Free bicycles are available for guests' use. Rooms feature yoga mats and classes are offered for free at each hotel. If the class schedule doesn’t suit you, no worries! The hotel can organize a private class at a time that is suitable for your busy day.

The Kimpton Eventi New York hotel has just launched a new fitness program that includes a series of outdoor workouts. Classes are held on the outdoor patio behind the hotel. The Kimpton Eventi works with various fitness partners (think Core Power Yoga and Surfset) to put together a program that will allow you to "stay and sweat."

A foodie’s paradise in Las Vegas

Over the past few years, Las Vegas has managed to rid itself (just enough) of its over-the-top image. But we love it for what it is: a city that is larger than life and that surprises and delights visitors with its extravagance and high-on-life atmosphere. In addition to the many quirky hotels that have become Vegas' trademark, the culinary scene is becoming more and more unique. For five years, the city’s restaurants have helped it make its mark as a decadent go-to destination for epicureans and celebrity chefs alike. In fact, one of the world's largest food festivals is held there every year: Vegas Uncork'd.

This festival’s mission is to give participants a chance to meet their favourite chefs in an intimate setting and experience extraordinary dining experiences. Are you interested in a lunch and a cooking demonstration with Gordon Ramsay? Craving a semi-private meal served by Giada De Laurentiis in her restaurant? You can (almost) do everything, taste everything and see everything during Vegas Uncork'd’s three days of festivities, which is, without a doubt, a foodie’s paradise.

Among the many hotels renowned for their amazing gastronomic offering is the inspiring Cosmopolitan Las Vegas, which houses, under the same roof, restaurants operated by José Andrès (Jaleo), David Chang (Momofuko), Christina Tosi (Milk Bar) and Costas Spiliadis (Milos). Of course, the hotel sells a complete package for the ultimate dining experience.

In short, the tourism sector continues to refine itself by offering more and more niche vacations to meet travellers’ specific needs. It’s all about tailor-made trips, personalized services and listening to guests’ needs. Distinctive travel experiences matter—and organizers and travel agents are up to the task. What kind of trip are you looking for? There’s a good chance that it is offered somewhere. All you need is just a little research. Have a great (delicious) trip!