La Cuisine at Rockland is so much more than a new food court.

La Cuisine is a nod to gourmet cuisine as well as modern, delicious and comforting dishes.

It’s a tribute to food that makes our mouths water and our taste buds happy. It’s also a shout-out to food we don’t mind sharing—but only for a bite.

La Cuisine is a luminous and open space. It’s a space that brings people togethe

“La Cuisine is a space that inspires comfort”

Foodie, TV and radio host Sébastien Benoit is thrilled to be a part of this innovative culinary project.

“La Cuisine is a space that inspires comfort. For me, it represents sharing and coming together in every way, whether with conversation or food. And cooking is really an art form when you look at what chefs are able to do. I think a significant artistic approach goes into how a plate is envisioned, created and presented. And of course, lots of love too!”

Martin Juneau: Chef and owner at Pastaga on Boulevard Saint-Laurent, Martin Juneau chose Rockland as the location to open his second Pastaga restaurant.

“Pastaga at Rockland will feature some of the same products and producers, but with a simpler, more efficient approach. It will be a successful sales point for Pastaga, a sort of express extension of the Saint-Laurent location.”

"Rockland’s La Cuisine is your go-to destination where you discover, enjoy and savour the very best of Montreal."