New service - Discover Curbside pickup service

Since it’s always reassuring to shop safely, we’ve set up a new, contactless curbside pick-up service free of charge.  

This new & convenient service will allow you to complete your purchases by phone with our participating retailers, and then come pick up your purchases in the designated area of our parking lot, according to an established schedule. This service will help you save time while minimizing your travel!  

Please see below the list of our participating retailers as well as the procedure to use the curbside pickup service:  

Check back frequently as our list of participating retailers is updated in real time.

Accessible by Quartz entrance:


Accessible by Topaze entrance: 

Banana Republic

Elama x Retyche


MAC Cosmetics

Melanie Lyne


SO Original  

Accessible by IGA entrance:



Independent Entrances: 


Linen Chest

The Hudson's Bay

Sports Experts

See pick up locations on below map :