Step 1: Choosing the Tree

The first step is to decide whether you want to make the Christmas tree the centrepiece of your decor. If you like the idea, a bigger question will arise: choosing a natural or artificial tree! A natural tree will require more maintenance, as it will need to be watered and needles picked up regularly. However, it will give off a pleasant fresh woodsy scent. Artificial trees, on the other hand, are maintenance-free and easy to install. Simply make sure you have enough space to store it afterwards. If that's your choice, The Bay is the perfect place to find the best tree for your needs! It's even possible to purchase it by phone and have it delivered through our contactless curbside serviceAnd if your space is limited, you can rest assured that a nicely decorated tree placed on the coffee table or in the corner of a room will be just as effective!

Tree, GlucksteinHoe, $299.99 at The Bay

Step 2: Choosing your Style

Maybe you already have an idea of the holiday style you'd like to use, or maybe you don't know the trends in holiday decorating? Either way, it's a chance to have fun and let your creativity run wild!

Would you rather play the nostalgia card? You can't go wrong with traditional decor themes! You'll find several decorative elements in the iconic shades of red, white and green, as well as tartan accessories. In times of uncertainty, many of us will appreciate this return to values and traditions.

Ensemble de décorations, GlucksteinHome, 24,99 $ chez La Baie d’Hudson

If you're a winter enthusiast and like to take advantage of the cold season to enjoy various outdoor activities, why not go for the polar style? With this theme in mind, your interior will be decked in frosted shades such as white, blue and silver for a sophisticated result. Snowflakes, icicles, stars and arctic animals will be your best assets!

2-Piece Rose-Goldtone Bird Clip Ornament Set, $5.24 at The Bay

Highly popular in recent years, the Scandinavian style is far from being outdated! For a successful Nordic decor, opt for natural materials such as wood, paper and wool. When it comes to colours, you can prefer white or beige hues combined with a touch of grey or black to create a contrast. This holiday decor will bring something soft that will comfort you and help you embrace the cold season.

15" White Wood Cut-Out LED Tree Decor, $39.99 at The Bay

Speaking of creativity, the gourmet style will allow you to express your artistic side at its finest. Dare to combine pink and blue hues, and bring out the candy garlands and pompoms! Rainbow colours, geometric patterns, macaroons and other sweets will enhance your decor. It's the perfect formula to fight the winter blues!

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Step 3: Décor Elements

Holiday decor doesn’t end with the tree. If you feel like going a little further, you can add a few extra decor elements to your home. Here are a few ideas to inspire you: a wreath to decorate your front door, Christmas stockings hanging from the fireplace, a garland on the window sill or even pretty lanterns to dress a piece of furniture such as a sideboard or coffee table. According to your budget and your available space, you can add a festive touch throughout your home, or concentrate on just one room. 

8" Brown Car LED Lantern Decor, $29.99 at The Bay

To get inspired and find everything you need to decorate your tree and your home, plan a shopping trip at The Bay, StokesRenaud-Bray et Linen Chest.

Wooden tray, $29,99 at Renaud-Bray

Step 4: the Atmosphere

There is one very important rule to follow when designing a festive decor: it has to sparkle! Therefore, garlands of light, candleholders and candles will play a significant role. It's a great way to warm up the atmosphere and create a cocooning effect that you'll particularly appreciate when the first snows appear.

Guirlande lumineuse, 14,95 $ chez Linen Chest

Fragrances can also have a significant effect – so don't hesitate to choose festive candles or a diffuser with lovely holiday smells like cinnamon, citrus or vanilla.

Stop at Fruits & PassionYves Rocher or Sephora to stock up on candles, hand soaps, diffusers and home fragrances.

Nest New York, 64 $ chez Sephora

Step 5: the Table

Of course, your table will play an important part in your festive atmosphere. For this reason, we’ve prepared a separate article dedicated to the art of the table. In the meantime, you can already start thinking about a centrepiece that reflects your chosen style in step 2.  Give yourself a beautiful arrangement from Luluthia bar à fleurs?

Happy Holidays !