Our local talent

They’re our neighbours, our experts, our friends, our local talent. Every day, the entrepreneurs of our center  assist you by offering exceptional service and products. We wanted to shine the light on the people behind our local businesses. Take a look at our local talent, together let's enter their worlds and get inspired by their paths, their passions and their dedication.

We are highlighting our entrepreneurs through a series of interviews published on our blog. Who are the people part of your daily life? Each of them sat down with our collaborator, Carolyne Brown, to passionately share their stories, their visions and to reveal ambitions and aspirations.

In the coming weeks, you’ll get to discover these visionaries one encounter at a time. Sincerity, proximity and a willingness to share could sum up these interviews in a few words. To learn more about our local talent, check us out on Facebook and Instagram.

We encourage you to discover the face behind the entrepreneur, to come say hi and to show your support by shopping local.

Dr Harina Thyriar, Local Optometrist

Manny, Local Florist

Marie Saint-Pierre, Local Designer

Rim Elias, Local Entrepreneur

Charles Sabbagh, Local Tailor

Randa & Julien, Local entrepreneurs